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Family Passport Holder

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  • Recover Missing Passport - Secure your passport cover with our Lost-and-Found Service. Our Global Logistic Support enables finders to access our contact details on passport case registered with us. After rewarding the finder and picking up your passport, we safely deliver your passport case to you!
  • 100% Genuine Leather & RFID-Guarded Passport Cover- Our travel passport organizer is crafted from fine quality genuine leather with (Radio Frequency Identification) RFID-Protection that safeguards your passport bag against digital data theft.
  • Reduce Passport Damage - No more crinkles, folds or dog-eared pages on your passport. This passport book holder shields it from mishaps, mishandling and daily wear and tear and also protects it from dirt and dust. Keep your essentials at one place and your passport in an intact condition with our genuine leather passport holder.
  • Compact & Spacious Passport Book Holder - Our passport covers are lightweight and compact yet boasts plenty of room and capacity. Aside from being a 2 passport holder, our passport case holds more than just your passport. This genuine leather unisex passport travel pouch has 3 card slots and a document pocket. It’s spacious enough for your cards, cash and documents.
  • Passport Expiry Alert - Register your passport finder case on our website to secure your passport details in one place. Our team will send you alerts for passport renewal. The alerts start a year before your passport expires, so you won’t forget to renew and have worry-free travel!


  • Material: Leather
  • Technology: RFID Blocking Chip
  • Product Dimensions: 99 x 142 x 142 mm
  • Product Weight: 67 grams


  • Passport Finder Case needs to be registered for the service to be activated. The unique owner id present on backside of passport case needs to be registered via tag8 website or simply call/message us on +91 9029008248 to activate.


  • There is a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects, i.e., defects in the material and manufacturing process. It does not cover product components that are subject to normal wear and tear, or fragile components (such as, switches, batteries or the casing). Should there be a manufacturing defect within 1 year of your purchase, it will be repaired or re-placed free of charge. However, consumer-inflicted damage, improper use or incorrect maintenance of the product will void the warranty.

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    Family Passport Holder
    Family Passport Holder
    Family Passport Holder
    Family Passport Holder
    Family Passport Holder
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